Every psychological intervention starts with a detailed assessment allowing us, and you, to make sense of your situation and understand what treatment is required. Our team of experienced psychologists will draw on a wide range of psychological models to formulate your individualised treatment plan.


A shared plan for treatment encourages a collaborative working relationship. We build in regular reviews to ensure that you are satisfied with the progress you are making. We draw from a range of psychological approaches.

We will work with you to identify and let go of rigid unhelpful behaviour patterns and internal dialogue. This will lead to greater psychological flexibility, and more meaningful and rewarding life choices.



We run skills practice workshops including mindfulness and compassionate mind training for stress management and emotional wellbeing. Workshops can be accessed alongside individual therapy or as stand-alone interventions.


We offer the full range of neuropsychological assessment and consultation services, focusing primarily on cognitive assessment and rehabilitation, service consultation and training. In addition to instructing counsel, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, individual clients and recruitment professionals, we are expert at working across cultures and with international clients.

A neuropsychological examination will provide information on the functioning of the brain, and how this relates to mental abilities, emotions and everyday activities.

We can help with

Our team can help with common mental health problems as well as more complex and longstanding difficulties. You may be experiencing mental health problems yourself or be supporting someone else.

Some people might understand their problems through a formal term or diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, bipolar disorder or OCD

Or you may have difficulties associated with physical health problems including chronic pain; sleep, or sexual problems. Other people recognise problematic patterns of behaviour evident in relationship issues, work and stress-related problems or use of drugs and alcohol. We also work with people who have experienced childhood abuse and other traumatic events in their life.

Feelings and emotions

If things from your past continue to trouble you and cause you distress while making it harder for you to get on with your life, or you notice that over time you find it too difficult to motivate yourself to do things, just being in touch with people can seem difficult and the things that you used to enjoy are no longer appealing. Seeking help when you feel low or anxious can give you the time, support and the tools to understand what’s happening and take steps to make changes.

Work stress

You maybe finding that your workload is increasing, perhaps you find it difficult to switch off your from your e-mails when you get home in the evening. Your sleep isn’t what it used to be and you always find you are worrying about one work matter or another and this is detracting from your ability to enjoy other aspects of your life. Your may be one of the increasing number of people who recognize the effects of our pressurized work places and who get in touch with us as to start to improve their wellbeing.

Relationship problems

Our important relationships are the things in life the often sustain us. Yet we may neglect them or allow them to take second place. Whether this is gradual over time or comes about following something like an affair, finding the right space to come to think about this and explore what really matters can make the difference that’s needed.

Alcohol and drug droblems

Just using alcohol or drugs doesn’t necessarily mean a person needs help, but finding you’re using more than you’d like, that it is starting to take priority over other important things in your life could be letting you know its not so easy for your to keep control of it right now. Finding the right help once you notice you can’t scale it back on your own, can be a start to getting back to a healthier balance.