Our Clients




Who we work with

We offer services directly to people who have recognised their own problems; through companies who see their role in supporting their employees to improve their wellbeing; and by working alongside a network of skilled, like-minded associates.


We work with individuals and couples who are struggling with their psychological wellbeing. You may be responding to a recent life event that is difficult or traumatic, or have a recurrence of a long-standing mental health problem. In a discreet and comfortable London setting, we will help you make changes to improve your life.

Referring Professionals

Our team of psychologists deliver contemporary, evidence-based interventions that are targeted, attainable and time-managed for clinical partners and their clients. We draw on a distinctive portfolio of clinical experiences, across both public and private health settings, so you can be confident that your patient will receive an individually tailored psychological intervention. We will also give you regular updates regarding their progress and recovery.

Mental Health Professionals

Our specialist clinical psychologists offer one-to-one or group supervision for psychologists and other mental health professionals. We also facilitate tailored group training programmes and stress management workshops. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.


The prevalence of issues such as anxiety and depression is at a similar rate within the workplace as it is for the general population: they affect approximately one in four people. Costs associated with psychological distress impact wider society. Employee wellbeing programmes offer the potential to provide a preventative approach and are therefore good practice and good business sense.

Our programmes for employees offer evidence-based methodologies that are clinically robust, focused and time-managed. We do this from your premises, at one of our comfortable London-based consulting rooms or remotely.